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After our attempt to the fuel sector as a Turkish Petroleum Dealer in 1988, our acquaintance with Shell continued with wholesale oil dealership in 1990 Our business partnership is integrated with the Shell fuel station that we opened in 1996.

While our partnership with Shell on the station side continued in May 2004, we established ECE PETROL OTO CONSTRUCTION and SAN TİC LTD with the sales and marketing dealership of Wholesale Fuel and Vehicle Recognition System, which we acquired towards the end of the year...

We continued to grow exponentially with each passing year by continuing the success and sincerity we have shown with Shell on the station side in the wholesale fuel dealership and TTS Marketing section.

Our goal as ECE Petrol is to carry this success forward with each passing year and by improving our sales and service quality within the framework of strategy, rules and principles of "Shell & Turcas Petrol Inc." which we are the distributor of, and by improving ourselves according to market conditions and to be the MOST RELIABLE, MOST SUCCESSFUL PARTNER in Turkey and the best fuel vendor in Turkey by making a difference in the field of fuel.

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